Sunday, 17 January 2010

B. My Rock'n'Roll Queen

(source: unknowns, lastfm)
I can't believe it's taken me this long to proclaim my love for this woman. I made this collage a little while ago, when I was visualizing my dream rock band and then POW! I discover Elevator Fight, Zoe Kravitz' band. And the first thing I could think of when I discovered this band was..."Damn you Zoe! I have no purpose now?!" But of course that isn't entirely true. Every band has their own style and this band doesn't incompass everything I ever dreamed for my future band. So, it's Okay. E.F is grungy, experimental, rock 'n' roll. Their still in their early stages and developing their sound, so i'm looking forward to see/hear what they come up with in 2010.

The Frontwoman:

The Band:
Additional evidence to support the awesomeness of Z.Kravitz & Elevator Fight:

Check out their songs @

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