Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rompers ♥

(source: hannah + landon, tfs,, unknown, urban outfitters)
I'll be going away for the holidays to my origins: Tanzania. I'm pretty excited about the warm weather, I get to have two Summer's this year! A Summer outfit that I have been completely obssesed with for a while is rompers! A lot of peeps seem to give rompers the stink-eye but I think its sooooo cute, it's not just for toddlers ya know? Who's for rompers here?? I especially love the ones that look like they come from the 50s. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to find in stores, even in the Summer. But there's always online: Urban Outfitters & Forever21, seem to be pretty good.

Hope to be posting loads before Wednesday, since I'll be away for almost a month. Hope your all enjoying the blog :)

The woman who fully changed my mind about rompers is Miss. Katy Perry. It's only appropriate...
Katy Perry - Damn

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