Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Favorite Outfits of (Last) Week

(source: tfs, photoshop: me)
I can't seem to stay away from leopard. I mean its a cardigan! and its warm + fuzzy + cosy - how can you resist? Also I love how its worn with messy hair, fancy layered jewelery and doc marteen-esque shoes.
(source: unknown)
My love for crop top has grown mucho but not the britney-spears-circa-baby-one-more-time kinda tops. But the ones you wear with cute high-waist shorts like the above. Too cute!
Alexa, Alexa. Simple outfit, yet so awesome. Such great colour, however I'd work it with my Zeppelin tee (Tuck that baggy shirt in!)
(source: .wayne tippettes)
I liked this outfit cause it reminded me of Jeff Buckley :)

I leave you with more of The Whigs from their previous album, Peace out!

The Whigs - Right Hand on My Heart

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