Monday, 7 December 2009

the illusion of thigh-highs

(source: tfs)
Those tights are killer. I want! I want!

Nirvana - Love Buzz

"....your the queen of my heart"

forever21 world

(source: forever 21)
all i want for xmas is... all these clothes! why doesn't forever 21 exist in Europe? I think there is something fundementally wrong with that. Now I know I put the bustier on twice unintentionally, but I guess I really want a bustier top (!); pairing them with scruffy skinny jeans and heels is the best! Feast your eyes on all of these lovelies!

Phoenix - 1901

A song that makes me smile...reminds me of good times.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

just for fosters. non-threads post.

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I miss drinkin' cheap beer in Brighton with friends. Fosters make me sentimental.

Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah

what better song to party to, then from a song from previous Artiste of the Month Ke$ha.

geeky glasses 2.0

(source: stylesightings, me: photoshop)
When I'm bored with my other (fake) lovely specs, I might wanna get a pair of these.

Paramore - Loves not a competition (Kaiser Chiefs cover)

Rompers ♥

(source: hannah + landon, tfs,, unknown, urban outfitters)
I'll be going away for the holidays to my origins: Tanzania. I'm pretty excited about the warm weather, I get to have two Summer's this year! A Summer outfit that I have been completely obssesed with for a while is rompers! A lot of peeps seem to give rompers the stink-eye but I think its sooooo cute, it's not just for toddlers ya know? Who's for rompers here?? I especially love the ones that look like they come from the 50s. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to find in stores, even in the Summer. But there's always online: Urban Outfitters & Forever21, seem to be pretty good.

Hope to be posting loads before Wednesday, since I'll be away for almost a month. Hope your all enjoying the blog :)

The woman who fully changed my mind about rompers is Miss. Katy Perry. It's only appropriate...
Katy Perry - Damn

leave your Shirt on!

(source: flower girl, lastfm, studded hearts)
...That's what someone might say when your walking down the street with an outfit similar to these! If your petite à la Mary Kate Olsen (as I am too), it might be easier to pull off. Perhaps rockin' some leggings/tights could make it easier. Unless you've reincarnated into the new Debbie Harry (Blondie, second picture) it won't be easy. But fashion is fun! So I dare yeah ;)
P.S: How rad are Chloë Sevigny's shoes? Click the picture to check 'em out closer.

To get into a spontaneous mood...
Some good rocknroll inspired fun!
Jet - She's A Genius

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Taylor Momsen

(source: tfs)
One of the main influences for modern femme rockers everywhere: Courtney Love.
Hole - Rockstar

Favorite Outfits of (Last) Week

(source: tfs, photoshop: me)
I can't seem to stay away from leopard. I mean its a cardigan! and its warm + fuzzy + cosy - how can you resist? Also I love how its worn with messy hair, fancy layered jewelery and doc marteen-esque shoes.
(source: unknown)
My love for crop top has grown mucho but not the britney-spears-circa-baby-one-more-time kinda tops. But the ones you wear with cute high-waist shorts like the above. Too cute!
Alexa, Alexa. Simple outfit, yet so awesome. Such great colour, however I'd work it with my Zeppelin tee (Tuck that baggy shirt in!)
(source: .wayne tippettes)
I liked this outfit cause it reminded me of Jeff Buckley :)

I leave you with more of The Whigs from their previous album, Peace out!

The Whigs - Right Hand on My Heart


(source: little fashion bird/ olsen anonymous)
I love the simplicity of this outfit.

A new flavour I discovered and like v. much:
The Whigs - In The Dark

Listen to it LOUD! Sonically sounds awesome.