Wednesday, 18 November 2009

sickly sweet skirts

(source: alice in wardrobe wonderland, sex and coffee, forever21)
...high-waist tutu-looking skirts that is. my new obsession. how do you wear a tutu-looking skirt without looking like a ballerina you ask? The above pics are pretty good examples. i want a black one, and a white one and a...(just kidding, that's it :). kinda like the forever 21 (3rd pic), and mix it with pastels to make it a bit cuter, or head to toe black for a more gothic-y look.

Leona Lewis - Outta My Head

This song is kinda generic (i'm 99% this was written by Pop-genius-songwritter Max Martin and/or Dr.Luke - dudes that have written for Britney, Katy, Avril, K. Clarkson...I can go on). Basically it's irresistibly catchy. No denying it. Who can resist acidic-juicy-sweet-Pop? Not me.

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