Saturday, 14 November 2009

pretty pretty girl.

(source: tfs, rest unknown)
Models can be such an insipiration style wise, when it comes to backstage and street style. One of my favorites is of course, the supermodel loved by all fashion bloggers Erin Wasson. I love that her outfits are fashion worthy, but it's never too perfect or overthought. It's always got that dishevelled-ness about it. That's always the best.

 This is such a 'let's get it on'...kinda song. I love it. My favorite Rolling Stones song. I could be stone cold sober and still jam to it, as if i'm high as a kite in my underwear (okay that was TMI). Anyway this is a groovy song - gotta check it out.
The Rolling Stones - Beast of A Burden

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