Tuesday, 10 November 2009

new Craze: head wear

 (source: the fashion spot)

  1.  I love headbands, headscarfs and the cute ones you tie (like Zoe Kravitz's). Claire's Accesories have some cute, and some non-cheap looking headbands in their headband sections,  I literally want half the headband rack! I got this cute leopard one last month that basically looks like Peaches' with a black band. Also not to forget my rhinestone headwear:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nHJjXFTFsBI/Su39H6A2FNI/AAAAAAAAAC4/79T3hVDEOsI/s1600-h/IMG_5749.jpg 
    (courtesy of Primani Primark accessories).

  2. There's such a craze right now about this gurl, she is offically my ARTISTE OF THE MONTH:

Ke$ha - Party @ A Rich Dude's House
Ke$ha is gonna be big. wait she kinda pretty much is already. this song bringz the lolz.

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