Sunday, 15 November 2009

just blazin'

(source: alice in wardrobe wonderland, urban outfitters, sex & coffee, uo)
i think blazers are very important for every day. I love how they can make an outfit so put together. It doesn't matter if your wearing jeans and a tee, if your wearing a chic blazer, you can look pulled together. I used to have a black one that i wore pretty much every day for years, and due to that has lost a bit of its color :P So now that I've said goodbye to that. I've had my eye on blazers with neutral colours like navy & beige. There's something really chic about them. Also as I'm going to start doing interviews soon, its seems like a good invesment.
This song is awesomely classic...just like a blazer. However, beautifully deperssing so try not to slit those writs.
The Smiths - I Know It's Over

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