Tuesday, 10 November 2009

just because. non-threads post.

(source:30 doradus,  fashion lane, alice in wardrobe wonderland, flower girl
photoshop: me :)
  • These are more beautiful/pretty photography, rather then about the threads. their just so post-worthy, i couldn't resist.
  • My favorite is the one with Johnny Depp & Kate Moss. For some reason Kate Moss annoys me (I'm sure I'm the only fashion blogger who thinks that...holler in the comments area if I'm wrong).  Despite that, I can acknowledge that she puts together some slammin' outfits, sometimes. This picture broke my heart thou. You must click the pic for full effect (to see enlarged version) !

This song is so FUN & UPbeat, it almost makes u think u can do anything. i love these kinda songs. i hope it becomes a single....

Kid Cudi - Up Up & Away. Play it loud n' dance!

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