Friday, 20 November 2009

How to dress like Men 101

(source: Le 21ème Arrondissement, photoshop: me)
As I'm in my early 20s now, currently 21. I like the idea of influencing my new venture into adulthood into my style. Think smart blazers, more stuff that look tailored instead of too small or too big and investing in nice bag or jewelery to go with say; my Nirvana t-shirt. The idea here is to have an evolution or i guess a kinda metamorphosis in your style. Not completely and drastically change, cause obviously it doesn't work like that.

So some boys/men find that part of their style evolution pretty tricky, along with the idea that there's not many alternatives blah blah blah - which is very true. So personally as a woman (hehe kinda weird sayin' that), I think it comes to making little adjustments like I mentioned above. So in the case for men it would be investing in a decent watch (example here is swatch...doesn't have to be too expensive), semi-formal blazer (so you can wear them formally or with converse and must be well fitted), dark jeans (no holes, come on at least one pair!) and some shoes that are NOT sneakers or docs:
 (source: think sharp, urban outfitters, confession of a fashion addict)

oh and a nice v-neck shirt never huts ;) if you just got two or three of these and mixed it with what you already have, that's awesome. They are some really great examples of how to wear it above, all the pictures are from this cool blog called Le 21ème Arrondissement, this male photographer takes pics of really stylish guys (and also women) in Seattle, USA (click here to check out more of the blog).  
 The Perils - Give Me A Reason

This band is from Brighton, UK (The Kooks hail from the same place). Their called The Perils. Their pretty awesome. If I could predict the future, I'd say they would be the next Kings of Leon. They literally have similar ingredients to KOL their songs are great, performance is awesome,  pretty sexy too, and yes they, dress like men. Very Kings of Leon.
Check 'em out:here!

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