Sunday, 15 November 2009

Favorites of the Week

the hat with the military adorable. she looks like a little russian princess! i really like this blogger, I discovered recently its called Le Blog de Betty.
alexa chung with that Mulberry bag that's named after her! so practical & vintage-y looking.
my fave part of this outfit is the cross earrings & the hair...been working that hairstyle recently. oh yeah and that leather jacket is pretty dope. it looks like it was tailored for her.
 the mix of polka dots & army green. I always like a paradox.
perfection. really nothing more to say.
i believe: white shirts are best unironed with jeans.

(sources: le blog de betty, unknown, unknown, knightcat, alice and wardrobe wonderland, wildfox)
My favorites this week: have lots of alexa chung (that ain't gonna change for a while) and other randoms that I really like! til' next week for the next edition of favorites of the week :) I'll leave you with one of my favorites, this song is kinda grungy-dirty but summery with lots of distortion and a great guitar riff!

Silversun Pickups - Little Lover's So Polite


  1. great roundup!!! i love that song!!!

  2. Hey! Nice blog, I'm loving that Alexa Mulberry bag so much! Thank you for your sweet email and for putting me on your blogroll :) I'm gonna follow your blog! xx

    ps: you have great taste in music, I'm a huge Smiths fan too!

  3. oh ur welcome! I love your blog. As you may have noticed, I have sourced you pics on some of my posts :) thank you so much for your lovely comments & following!