Sunday, 8 November 2009

Favorite Outfits of the Week

love how mustard looks with red lipstick, this pic shows it looks delicious with bright pink too. i love the clash effect.

i needs a comfy green parka, one of those just throw-it-on kinda items.

pink & lace. naughty but nice :) like the casualness of the usually formal item. its all in the yummy strawberry large cardigan (and the boho bag).
everytime i see a kick-ass graphic tee like this it reminds me of the awesome huge spider t-shirt i passed on @ Zara men's section. sux.

usually not into the whole. head to toe black new york thang. but there's not a bad item in this outfit. i'd probably end up wearing bright eyeliner or something. can't resist some colour...
(source: 30 doradus, vanilla scented, neutral tuesday, tfs)

ke$ha - butterscotch
fun song. fun girl!
check out her other songs like 'Tik Tok' @


  1. I absolutely agree with the clashing of colors and pink with black lace. check out my fashion blog below:

    cheers! xx Talia

  2. i got your e-mail and love your new blog! its great :) wanna link each other?

  3. sure, miss_vogue...just linked u obssesed with pepper and chips!