Tuesday, 17 November 2009

fake fur, real warmth

(source: unknown, forever21, tfs)
Once again, it's time for reality to set in. For all to get used to the idea that Winter is here, and it's here to stay for a damn long time. So, bring out the Winter jackets! But that dosen't mean they can't be adorably cute like these (fake) furry things! I hope some of my next few posts can show you guys, how to dress up warm and still look hot, all Winter long (yes, I'm takling the 0 degrees kind!)

Kate Walsh - Don't Break My Heart
Now this song goes out to the broken hearted and also to those who are lucky enough to have a fireplace...I think it's a good stare-into-the-fire song - with hot cocoa & marshmellows in tow, of course. Enjoy :)

P.S: Saw Kate Walsh once performing at an Open Mic night "practising" for her next tour. And she just happened to be absolutely flawless. Her voice was so clear and pretty. I couldn't believe my ears. I expected her to walk away any minute, and the song to still keep going to reveal that she was lipsyncing....but that didn't happen. She's just that good. Check her out if you ever get the chance.

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  1. mmm yes adore the fur, lately I've been wanting some..perhaps fake, kind of makes me sad if it's real, but looks so chic.


    xxx Talia