Saturday, 21 November 2009

erin, erin wasson

(source: tfs, stockholm streetstyle,, tfs)
the model with the badass attitude, along with the kickass style..Althougth I sometimes find her authenticity questionable, there's no doubt in my mind that her style rocks! her hippie and rock'n'roll style-saviness is enough to make any laidback fashionista squeal. 
What I love the most about Wasson's style is that a lot of the stuff she wears is found in the men's section, which is a habit I have fully incoprated myself (who gives a shit about the stares right? Or the shopping assistant pointing it out, in the middle of my shopping frenzie, as if I didn't know! lol)

To go with Erin Wasson's laidback attitude, I thought Kings Of Leon would be the ultimate. I heart this song SO BAD, cause everytime I hear it; I always think about road trippin' in the middle of some Americana desert with my gurrls, in a red beat-up Mustang, with of course hippie hair à la Wasson.
Kings Of Leon - California Waiting