Tuesday, 17 November 2009

dude + nice outfit = :)

(source: malesperspective, fashion.grunge.style, cophenhagenstreetstyle)
One thing that seems to always look good on guy is raybans. whether they are aviators or wayfers just a good pair of sunnies. It's funny how a dude can look literally x10 hotter just by wearing a pair of sunglasses that fit him well. i like the examples above there's: the casual approach(zac efron) and the semi-casual one (guy from 500 days of summer). Different outfit-occasion. Same hotness.

Guys with scarf: It's always been a complicated style issue for me. For some reason I find them hard to pull-off cause they seem so...feminine? I'm not sure if that's why. But when it's a practical issue (aka. it's frickin' freezing outside), I can't really hold it against anyone. I love how the blogger (pic above in black n white) wear's his. Not feminine at all....just right. :) Check out his blog @ The Male Perspective (a great male fashion blog's yeh!...about time, huh?)

The Burning Hotels - Austin's Birthday

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