Monday, 30 November 2009

The Cardigans

For Women...
For Men...
(source: unknown, stockholm street style, forever21, Le 21ème Arrondissement)

For Women...I like the idea of getting either dainty cute pastel coloured cardigans (like the pink forever 21 cardigan), and then roughing it up with some biker boots, etc. Or then getting long cardigans, bonus: if it's a little manky/dirty.

For Men...Now, I don't know about you but cardigans seem to be hard to pull off for guys. I guess it's because I associate it as a more feminine item. But I like the above examples for Men. The first one is a bit harder but still possible. I think your most likely to pull this example of if you got an nice toned chest area, or you workin' the indie look.The second one is the easiest and best for those who aren't too comfortable with showing off the chest area....Also great for layering,and y'all should know that layers are one of the best ways to stay toasty in Winter.

The Cardigans - Lovefool
Because it's appropriate. And this song is just such a classic. In a good way.

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