Monday, 7 December 2009

the illusion of thigh-highs

(source: tfs)
Those tights are killer. I want! I want!

Nirvana - Love Buzz

"....your the queen of my heart"

forever21 world

(source: forever 21)
all i want for xmas is... all these clothes! why doesn't forever 21 exist in Europe? I think there is something fundementally wrong with that. Now I know I put the bustier on twice unintentionally, but I guess I really want a bustier top (!); pairing them with scruffy skinny jeans and heels is the best! Feast your eyes on all of these lovelies!

Phoenix - 1901

A song that makes me smile...reminds me of good times.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

just for fosters. non-threads post.

(source: dirty glam)
I miss drinkin' cheap beer in Brighton with friends. Fosters make me sentimental.

Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah

what better song to party to, then from a song from previous Artiste of the Month Ke$ha.

geeky glasses 2.0

(source: stylesightings, me: photoshop)
When I'm bored with my other (fake) lovely specs, I might wanna get a pair of these.

Paramore - Loves not a competition (Kaiser Chiefs cover)

Rompers ♥

(source: hannah + landon, tfs,, unknown, urban outfitters)
I'll be going away for the holidays to my origins: Tanzania. I'm pretty excited about the warm weather, I get to have two Summer's this year! A Summer outfit that I have been completely obssesed with for a while is rompers! A lot of peeps seem to give rompers the stink-eye but I think its sooooo cute, it's not just for toddlers ya know? Who's for rompers here?? I especially love the ones that look like they come from the 50s. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to find in stores, even in the Summer. But there's always online: Urban Outfitters & Forever21, seem to be pretty good.

Hope to be posting loads before Wednesday, since I'll be away for almost a month. Hope your all enjoying the blog :)

The woman who fully changed my mind about rompers is Miss. Katy Perry. It's only appropriate...
Katy Perry - Damn

leave your Shirt on!

(source: flower girl, lastfm, studded hearts)
...That's what someone might say when your walking down the street with an outfit similar to these! If your petite à la Mary Kate Olsen (as I am too), it might be easier to pull off. Perhaps rockin' some leggings/tights could make it easier. Unless you've reincarnated into the new Debbie Harry (Blondie, second picture) it won't be easy. But fashion is fun! So I dare yeah ;)
P.S: How rad are Chloë Sevigny's shoes? Click the picture to check 'em out closer.

To get into a spontaneous mood...
Some good rocknroll inspired fun!
Jet - She's A Genius

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Taylor Momsen

(source: tfs)
One of the main influences for modern femme rockers everywhere: Courtney Love.
Hole - Rockstar

Favorite Outfits of (Last) Week

(source: tfs, photoshop: me)
I can't seem to stay away from leopard. I mean its a cardigan! and its warm + fuzzy + cosy - how can you resist? Also I love how its worn with messy hair, fancy layered jewelery and doc marteen-esque shoes.
(source: unknown)
My love for crop top has grown mucho but not the britney-spears-circa-baby-one-more-time kinda tops. But the ones you wear with cute high-waist shorts like the above. Too cute!
Alexa, Alexa. Simple outfit, yet so awesome. Such great colour, however I'd work it with my Zeppelin tee (Tuck that baggy shirt in!)
(source: .wayne tippettes)
I liked this outfit cause it reminded me of Jeff Buckley :)

I leave you with more of The Whigs from their previous album, Peace out!

The Whigs - Right Hand on My Heart


(source: little fashion bird/ olsen anonymous)
I love the simplicity of this outfit.

A new flavour I discovered and like v. much:
The Whigs - In The Dark

Listen to it LOUD! Sonically sounds awesome. 

Monday, 30 November 2009


(source: the skinny)
To be honest I'm not too crazy about R-Patz (that's what Perez calls him) or the Twilight fiasco, but I have indulged and I sorta get it. But I'm rather more interested in his nice outfits, which I'm sure were put together by himself his stylist. It's adult/sophisticated with the right amount of youth/carelessness. For example the first picture: sharp blazer: check, nice shirt: check, black nikes: check. And of course the ultimate: the R-Patz bedhead hair (Lolz). I like.

The Strokes - Heart in A Cage
One of my fave bands.

The Cardigans

For Women...
For Men...
(source: unknown, stockholm street style, forever21, Le 21ème Arrondissement)

For Women...I like the idea of getting either dainty cute pastel coloured cardigans (like the pink forever 21 cardigan), and then roughing it up with some biker boots, etc. Or then getting long cardigans, bonus: if it's a little manky/dirty.

For Men...Now, I don't know about you but cardigans seem to be hard to pull off for guys. I guess it's because I associate it as a more feminine item. But I like the above examples for Men. The first one is a bit harder but still possible. I think your most likely to pull this example of if you got an nice toned chest area, or you workin' the indie look.The second one is the easiest and best for those who aren't too comfortable with showing off the chest area....Also great for layering,and y'all should know that layers are one of the best ways to stay toasty in Winter.

The Cardigans - Lovefool
Because it's appropriate. And this song is just such a classic. In a good way.

grandma's lovely sweater

(source: anywho)

Found! H&M. Must- Have for warm Winters. Gets in size Medium/Large for my 5 foot 1 3/4 inches frame and get lost in it.

Zambri - From The Start

Zambri, are an up & coming band from New York. This song is haunting  and weird, and your left unsure of whether you like it or not, which makes you want to listen again.....and again, to figure out whether you do.

scrapbook part DEUX

Some more scrapbook for ya. I've been a lil' m.i.a , a lil' lazy from blogging but I shall be back with more posts then usual. :)

As per usual, remember to click the pictures so you can get a good look at the scan :)

Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

S.W.L.G.I (She Would Look Good In...)

I'd like to make this kinda post a recurring one, sometimes I'll be flipping through magazines or fashion blogs and see some awesome threads where I think...that would look so good on_______. So I thought it'd be a cool idea to do posts on it. First, SWLGI candidate is:

ALEXA CHUNG in...Forever 21

....and if that doesn't help here's some lame photoshopping for ya


whatdayathink? lolz.

Let me know what you think of this post! It's all in the name of fun really :)

Say Anything - Crush'd

Alexa & Say Anything? Never a bad combination <3

pinstripes & sneakers

(source: the sartorialist)
the right mix of sophistication with a tablespoon of casualness. love it when a man gets it right. However, it would have been soooo much better if the shoes were black vans (my second lover).

Shakira - Men In This Town

No, really - where ???

love of my life: converse.

(source: confessions of fashion addict)
no other words necessary.

Katy Perry - Rock God
can't believe this song didn't make it on Katy Perry's first record. its too sick for words just listen! this song is like my autobiography.

miss. chung

(source: studded hearts via tfs)
Never gonna get over leopard, especially with an outfit like this from my gurl of the month.

Say Anything - Shiksa (Girlfriend)
This song is cute & funny, Shiksa means non-Jewish woman lol.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Favorite Outfits of the Week

(source: tfs, fashion road kill, pandora)
  • First outfit: I love how lady like this outfit is, from head to toe. Those purple YSL suede pumps are incredible! And I truly believe a Balenciaga motorcyle bag will always be in style.
  • Second outfit: I would call this outfit...casual business wear. There's a sloppiness to it that would make me wanna wear it outside work.
  • Third outfit: Geeky glasses and thigh high boots, who knew it could work? This little Parisian lady.
Mozella - Twilight Girls
Lovely song. It's sounds like a midnight lullaby.

before the blog...there was the scrapbook.

(sources: me)
I thought I would show you guys some of my fashion scrapbook. I started doing these years ago in high school. I would love to show some more v. soon! You can't really read them well unfortunately...but Let me know what YOU think! :)
P.S: These scans are best viewed large so click on 'em)

Alexz Johnson - Breakdown

Saturday, 21 November 2009

erin, erin wasson

(source: tfs, stockholm streetstyle,, tfs)
the model with the badass attitude, along with the kickass style..Althougth I sometimes find her authenticity questionable, there's no doubt in my mind that her style rocks! her hippie and rock'n'roll style-saviness is enough to make any laidback fashionista squeal. 
What I love the most about Wasson's style is that a lot of the stuff she wears is found in the men's section, which is a habit I have fully incoprated myself (who gives a shit about the stares right? Or the shopping assistant pointing it out, in the middle of my shopping frenzie, as if I didn't know! lol)

To go with Erin Wasson's laidback attitude, I thought Kings Of Leon would be the ultimate. I heart this song SO BAD, cause everytime I hear it; I always think about road trippin' in the middle of some Americana desert with my gurrls, in a red beat-up Mustang, with of course hippie hair à la Wasson.
Kings Of Leon - California Waiting


(source:  stylesightings)
this outfit makes me giggle, in a good way. i find it funny that the top part of the outfit is quite preppy and sophisticated (with a hint of sloppiness), and then below the waist it looks like pjs and the sloppiest sneakers. It's like it says 'i wanted to make an effort but then i decided fuck it'....Not normally my thing, but I kinda love it! Lol.

The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved 

just to remember. non-threads post.

(source: confessions of a fashion addict)
...sometimes i forget that i'm mortal. and that i should live every day like its my last. 
i like the song '4ever' cause it reminds me that in a good way. :) 
The Veronicas - 4ever

Friday, 20 November 2009


(source: tfs)
love the color in this photograph. almost too in your face agressive, but just enough to digest. and that t-shirt dress is awesome. Overall: H-O-T.

...talking about hot...Brody Dalle is pretty crush worthy. & this song from her current band Spinnerette fits the aggressive-vibe of the photo perfectly.
Spinnerette - Sex Bomb

How to dress like Men 101

(source: Le 21ème Arrondissement, photoshop: me)
As I'm in my early 20s now, currently 21. I like the idea of influencing my new venture into adulthood into my style. Think smart blazers, more stuff that look tailored instead of too small or too big and investing in nice bag or jewelery to go with say; my Nirvana t-shirt. The idea here is to have an evolution or i guess a kinda metamorphosis in your style. Not completely and drastically change, cause obviously it doesn't work like that.

So some boys/men find that part of their style evolution pretty tricky, along with the idea that there's not many alternatives blah blah blah - which is very true. So personally as a woman (hehe kinda weird sayin' that), I think it comes to making little adjustments like I mentioned above. So in the case for men it would be investing in a decent watch (example here is swatch...doesn't have to be too expensive), semi-formal blazer (so you can wear them formally or with converse and must be well fitted), dark jeans (no holes, come on at least one pair!) and some shoes that are NOT sneakers or docs:
 (source: think sharp, urban outfitters, confession of a fashion addict)

oh and a nice v-neck shirt never huts ;) if you just got two or three of these and mixed it with what you already have, that's awesome. They are some really great examples of how to wear it above, all the pictures are from this cool blog called Le 21ème Arrondissement, this male photographer takes pics of really stylish guys (and also women) in Seattle, USA (click here to check out more of the blog).  
 The Perils - Give Me A Reason

This band is from Brighton, UK (The Kooks hail from the same place). Their called The Perils. Their pretty awesome. If I could predict the future, I'd say they would be the next Kings of Leon. They literally have similar ingredients to KOL their songs are great, performance is awesome,  pretty sexy too, and yes they, dress like men. Very Kings of Leon.
Check 'em out:here!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

the clawwww!

(source: little fashion bird)
...remember from liar liar? the jim carey movie?
anyway just like the movie....this is an oldie but a goodie. this piece of jewelery has been around the blogesphere for a while, but it's just literally one of the coolest pieces of jewelery i've seen in a while.

just cause it's appropriate (in my opinion anyway). and of course because it's kings of leon.

kings of leon - crawl

so happy i could die.

i'm looking forward to having my own scummy apartment, and pursuing my music career and styling people in my spare time. i'd love my studio to look like this....

yes, v. new york.
and my wardrobe to look like this...

yes, that is Carrie Bradshaw's...a girl can dream.
(source: dirty glam, weheartit)
my new favorite GaGa, from The Fame Monster.
Lady Gaga - So happy I could Die

sickly sweet skirts

(source: alice in wardrobe wonderland, sex and coffee, forever21)
...high-waist tutu-looking skirts that is. my new obsession. how do you wear a tutu-looking skirt without looking like a ballerina you ask? The above pics are pretty good examples. i want a black one, and a white one and a...(just kidding, that's it :). kinda like the forever 21 (3rd pic), and mix it with pastels to make it a bit cuter, or head to toe black for a more gothic-y look.

Leona Lewis - Outta My Head

This song is kinda generic (i'm 99% this was written by Pop-genius-songwritter Max Martin and/or Dr.Luke - dudes that have written for Britney, Katy, Avril, K. Clarkson...I can go on). Basically it's irresistibly catchy. No denying it. Who can resist acidic-juicy-sweet-Pop? Not me.